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Common Questions We Get

Q: How much does it cost to have a physician from Doctors On Call come and see me in my home?

A: The visit is fully covered by OHIP. When scheduling your visit, please make sure to have your OHIP card handy.

Q: Who typically uses Doctors On Call?

A: Anybody with a valid OHIP number is welcome to use Doctors On Call, however, in home care is great for parents with young children who are not able to go to their doctors office for whatever reason. It is also great for anyone who is not feeling well and wants to see a doctor at their convenience. Avoiding the long waits at walk-in clinics is also a plus. The service is also used by many seniors who are unable to travel to see a doctor.

Q: How long will I need to wait for the doctor to arrive?

A: This will depend on where you live and which doctors are currently scheduled for your area. We typically give a window of 2 hours, and you can expect the doctor to call you when they are on the way.

Q: Can the doctor see more than just one person in the house?

A: Yes. The physician can take a look at anyone in the house. Just make sure to have everyones health card handy when setting up the visit.

Q: Will the doctor come and see me in the evening, or on weekends?

A: Yes. Doctors On Call is available 7 days a week. Our physicians are also able to see you in the evening when a lot of clinics are closed.

Q: Can the doctor prescribe medication?

A: Doctors will prescribe medication if they see fit. Please be advised that the doctors do NOT prescribe controlled substances/narcotics.